Imagine acres of green fields, where cows get to graze freely; imagine the kind of thick, creamy milk these cows will provide; now, imagine the ghee(clarified butter) that will come from such milk. The desi cow ghee that we offer you is made using pure cow milk, with absolutely no additives, which makes it as pure as it comes. The ghee is certified organic and guaranteed farm fresh and will certainly add flavor and aroma to any dish you add it to. It contains healthy fat-soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients in foods that are vital for health. This ghee contains conjugated linolenic acid which is helpful in losing weight, especially belly fat and has been known to slow the progress of cancer and heart disease. The milk of Desi Cow or Gir Cow Milk contain A2 proteins that are best for your body. This traditional method of preparing bilona ghee as mentioned in the Ayurveda Gir desi Ghee provide lubrication in the body which help to relieve from Joint Pain Gir cow Ghee also helps in increasing memory, balances the mind, thus enhances brain function. Enhances immunity of both children and aged individuals.

GHEE(clarified butter) TYPE AVAILABLE :

  • Farm raised cow/buffalo ghee
  • A2 desi cow ghee with ayurvedic bilona style
  • Herbs infused ghee.


  • 1 Kg/ 2 Kg/ 5 Kg – Glass Jar
  • 15 Kgs Tin
  • Customized packaging along with specified brand and printing label.


● Organic Certification
● GMPCertification
● HACCPCertification
● FSMSCertification
● QMSCertification
● Honey AgmarkCertificate
● FSSAICertification
● Ghee Pesticide Free Report
● Ghee Purity Report
● A2 Milk Protein & Antibiotic Test Report
      ○ A2 Gir Cow Milk Report
      ○ A2 Buffalo Milk Report

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