We provide you a custom packaging around your products according to your requirements.

This means creating a brand – new box specifically for each and every one of your shipment’s contents.

If the item being shipped isn’t fragile, we’ll take its exact measurements and create a custom box that it would fit into with little or no movement inside.

Anything can be snugly and safely placed in our custom boxes. We’ll then fold it and seal it.

This eliminates void and excess packaging which has the added benefit of not only being environmentally sound but also saves your money as you no longer have to pay for empty space . If the item being shipped is fragile, we add a couple of centimeters in each measurement to account for various internal protective padding.

This padding may involve single as well as double – wall cardboard boxes, reinforced gummed paper tape, crumpled paper filling, air pouches for extra protection and acid – free wrapping tissue paper, etc. We use a number of best – fit materials to ensure safe, cost – effective, good looking, environmentally friendly, and sound delivery of the product to its final destination.

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